Thursday, December 19, 2013

Falling trees threat needs to be taken seriously - Roche

A Bridgetown man has warned of the danger of falling roadside debris during stormy weather conditions following an accident outside his house recently in which a young motorist was trapped beneath a fallen tree.  Mick Roche, a candidate for Sinn Féin in the next years local elections, warned that high trees and unsecured roadside foliage poses a serious threat to motorists and urged the County Council to make funding available to deal with the problem before a lethal accident occurs.

"During the recent stormy weather a young motorist was lucky to escape when a tree came down on the car he was travelling in just outside of Bridgetown village," Mr Roche said.  "This occurred on is regularly a busy road on a Saturday afternoon.  It was a miracle that the young man wasn't seriously injured.  The next time this happens we might not be so lucky.  Two other local roads were blocked by fallen trees on the same day."

"Local Council workers need to be commended for the hard work they put in to clear these roads and they are doing everything in their power to keep the roads cut back and safe.  The problem is that funding is not been made available by the powers that be to tackle this issue head on." 

"Roadside trees and foliage that poses a threat to the public need to be identified and safely removed before a life is lost in a terrible accident.  Everyone knows that money is tight but I would like to know exactly what cost will put on a life by our local Councillors?"

Kelly welcomes new routes for Rosslare Europort

A long-time advocate of investment in Rosslare Europort has welcomed the announcement that two new routes are to be brought to the harbour.  Cllr Anthony Kelly said the new routes to France and Spain show the huge potential and strategic importance of Rosslare to economy of the South East.

The Sinn Féin rep said;

"The new routes being operated out of Rosslare by LD Ferries offer a vital landbridge from France and Spain into Ireland.  The potential for tourism in County Wexford and the wider South East is massive now if we seize the moment."

"Sinn Féin has consistently highlighted the importance of Rosslare Europort and the failures of successive governments to even come close to harnessing the true potential that this gateway offers to our economy.  We warmly welcome this announcement and renew our call on the government to commit to the future of Rosslare."

"Recently Sinn Féin called for the deepening of one of the berths at the harbour and the reopening of the Rosslare to Waterford rail line to increase the ports attractiveness in terms of international logistics.  Despite not being adequately endorsed by our recent governments, the harbour has actually increased its trade during the recession and this announcement again proves its own strengths."

Annual Liam Mellowes Commemoration 2013

There was also a large turnout for the annual Liam Mellows Commemoration which was held in Castletown on Sunday. A colour party led the parade to the grave of the socialist republican leader who was executed by Free State forces.
Senior Sinn Féin figure, Éamonn Nolan gave the main oration in the absence of Gerry Kelly who had to cancel the engagement at the last minute due to an earlier than expected arrival of former US envoy Richard Haas, who is centrally involved in the Peace Process.
Nolan in a hard hitting and passionate address, which was rapturously received, drew sharp parallels between what he called the “conservative forces in this state who had to get rid of Mellows, seeing him as a threat to the status quo and those of today who are still fighting a war of words, demonising Sinn Féin at every opportunity as they know that we represent the greatest threat to the status quo, the failed politics of austerity and vested interest groups in this state. These ongoing attacks will intensify in advance of next Mays elections,” he warned.
“We have no interest in gaining seats for the sake of gaining seats – this is meaning less in the absence of change. Change is what we are all about”
He also spoke of the passing of Nelson Mandela who he described along with the ANC as “great friends of Sinn Féin down the years”
He highlighted the remarks of Nobel economics Prizewinner Joseph Stiglitz who sharply criticised the government strategy who stated that we will have a “lost decade”. ”We have the highest debt/GDP ratio in Europe - even higher than Greece! How on earth can you drive two hundred thousand of our young people from this country and still hail your policy as a success?” asked Nolan.

Wreaths were lain by various Sinn Fein cumainn from throughout the county and the last post was played by Gorey piper John Cullen.
Commemoration chairman, Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin, highlighted the relevance of Mellows writings to modern day Ireland.
"While Fianna Fáil sold out the the nations sovereignty, the Labour Party had, just like in Mellows time, sold out the ordinary working people of Ireland. They have continued the failed policies of austerity of their predecessors" He quoted from Liam Mellows writings, describing them as "prophetic."  -  “The Irish Republic stands for the ownership of Ireland by the people of Ireland. The last thing it needs is a change of masters. If her industries and banks were controlled by foreign capital, they would be at the mercy of every breeze that ruffled the surface of the world's money-markets
The Irish Labour Party have betrayed not alone the Irish Republic but the labour movement in Ireland”.

Music was later provided in the Golden Anchor pub by local ballad group The Rogues.

Roche joins the Sinn Féin ticket in Wexford

A Bridgetown man has been chosen as the second Sinn Féin candidate to contest next year's local elections in the Wexford District.  Mick Roche will join Cllr Anthony Kelly on the ticket after winning a packed selection convention in St Josephs Centre last week.

Speaking after the convention Mr Roche was quick to extend his gratitude to the local organisation and to commiserate with the other candidates on the night. 

"It's great to see so many good people putting their names forward to seek election under a Sinn Féin ticket," Mr Roche said.  "I made the decision because I see Sinn Féin as being the only real opposition to the political corruption and economic mismanagement that has destroyed my country.  Justifying hammering ordinary families with austerity while those at the top end of society are still giving themselves pay rises shows how out of touch Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour are with reality."

Mr Roche said that his own community in Bridgetown had been abandoned by the establishment parties.  "We only see these people coming in when they want something, usually before an election.  Bridgetown has been left to rot.  We have boarded up houses, no adequate resources for our children and a lack of Garda presence since the closure of the station in nearby Baldwinstown.  It's not good enough."

Mr Roche said he would be campaigning on issues of local concern such as lack of investment in local employment, the plight of the fishing community in local Kilmore Quay, crime prevention and traffic safety.  Cllr Anthony Kelly congratulated Mr Roche and said he looked forward to working closely with him in the future.