Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Potholes Plague Parish

You don’t have to be a driver to notice the shocking amount of potholes that have become a feature of our parish since the freezing weather of last January, but it does help. Driving through some of our parish’s roads today is akin to riding a dodgy roller coaster.

Why do these potholes remain three months after their first appearance?

Well, the fact is, that our county council workers have neither the funds nor the support of the council to deal with the situation.

Isn’t it a pity it’s not an election year?
Prior to the last General Election, then New Ross Councillor, Sean Connick, came to Rathangan and Bannow and dispensed much needed roadworks like a merry Fianna Fail Santa Claus. We don’t see much of Deputy Connick these days. It’s doubtful that the potholes of Rathangan Parish weigh heavy on his mind. The real question is, will we have to wait for another election before Fianna Fail finally release money to the county council to fill these craters?

According to a recent AA poll of 3000 motorists, 85% of drivers have hit a pothole in the last month, with many reporting that they are dealing with broken road surfaces on a daily basis.

If you suffer vehicle damage due to a pothole, make sure the authorities are notified straight away if the defect is serious. Write to the local authority responsible for the stretch of road with details of location, pothole size and quotes for repairs. Also include photos of the offending crevice if possible.

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