Thursday, April 15, 2010

Knock 'em all down: the Ciaran Cuffe story

Green party minister, Ciaran Cuffe, the same man refusing to reverse the decision to close the Rosslare to Waterford rail line, has said that unoccupied houses built during the boom in Ireland may have to be demolished.
Speaking at the Irish Planning Institutes national conference in Tullamore, Old Cuffey estimated that there were up to 350,000 houses which were unoccupied, and a potential risk to the environment and public safety.

350,000 houses.

350,000 potential homes.

On the thirteenth of August last year, the Irish Times published a piece stating that the waiting list for social housing had been pushed to a new high due to the large numbers of unemployed young people joining the list. The Irish Times claimed that at that time there were 56,000 people on the waiting list.

So lets do the math Ciaran.

350,000 potential homes that you want to destroy.

56,000 people with no homes.

If Ciaran Cuffe or any of his incompetent, lazy, delusional green comrades get re-elected in the next election, it'll be time for all of us to be looking for new some other country.
After all, you never know when Cuffey is going come through your sitting room wall in a bulldozer.

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  1. yet another muppet in a senior position that can not work out the maths,thats all we seem to be getting from a so called democratic goverment,and they tell us that these people are educated,what a complete and utter joke,these people are the same people that are suppose to be representing the people of this country,the same people that are forceing people out of there homes and on to the poverty stricken streets that is becoming a every day thing,in ireland,all due to the complete disaster of the joke of a so called goverment,and then they say the crime rate is rising,well,well,i wonder why.All of them should be held accountable for the total downfall of our once great nation. Proof,350,00 homes that they want to demolish,while 56,000 families are on a waiting list for housing,well work it out for yourself,they should all be sent for some serious medical treatment,i am sure they are all in need of it,oh but ,do not send them to our part of the country for treatment,it might have slipped there minds that they are also closing our beloved st,senans hospital,a complete disgrace.