Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Welcome to Republican Rathangan, the online news of Rathangan parish Sinn Fein. Rathagan SF represents the parish of Rathangan in south wexford, aswell as surrounding areas.

We were formed at Easter 2010, in response to the crippling effects of recession on our family, friends and neighbours throughout south wexford. Rathangan parish has always been a republican area, but today opur enemy is not a foreign power, but rather our own so called governemnt, and their cronies in the civil service, the banks and big corporations.

Rathangan Sf aims to serve the people of south wexford, and to take on the forces who left us open to this recession, and who are now happy to sit back and watch us drown in economic misery.

Enough is enough. We have laid down for long enough. Its time to rise. Its time to fight back. Join us today and let your fury out against those responsible for our nations shame. If you feel you dont have the time, then support your local cumann. Help us put out newsletters, contact us with your issues, support our fundraising ventures. We are not politicans. There are other things we could be doing with our time. We have chosen to give our time and our effort in the pursuit of equality and justice for all. We have chosen to fight back.

Join us.

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