Friday, April 30, 2010

Stand up, Fight back.

Tonight Rathangan Sinn Féin members will protest the planned closure of the Rosslare to Waterford Rail Line in Rosslare Europort.
Tomorrow, our members will do likewise, but in Waterford Train station.
In the next month our cumann will take part in campaigns to save Wexford Generals A&E, to stop the closure of St Senans when no proper replacement facilities are in place, and to highlight the terrible, near impassable state of South Wexfords rural roads.

We are a working cumann.

We are a working party.

We're not politicians, and we dont get paid. We're here because we cannot sit back and watch this country continue to slip into the abyss without trying something to save it.

We're here because ready to fight back.

Are you fed up with mass unemployment?

Are you tired of worrying about money, while the bankers who caused this recession live it up?

Are you sick of watching the government shut public services?

Then join the fight.

Rathangan Sinn Féin wants new members. Contact us today on facebook on email us at for further details.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fr Walsh & The Three Martyrs

Fr Patrick Walsh, the republican priest, who had once been parish priest of Rathangan, was one of two priests with Parle, Crean & Hogan when they were executed. The following is a letter which he wrote to a friend shortly afterwards, outlining the events of that faithful day.

My dear Larry,
I have kept you waiting for particulars of the three boys (MEM my hand is 'perishing' so ...!)
It was 10.30 p.m. when some day in March '23 when, about to retire for the night ('fortified' by some drug or another, and feeling anything but well,) soldiers brought me the message. I first had to go to Caro to ask the C.C. to take my place next day as celebrant of a Requiem Mass for somebody in Taghmon. After trouble with lights of my motor I started thither & thence to Wexford. A cheery welcome awaited me from the three - it was about 12 midnight. They had written their last letters and their demeanour was boyish and gladsome, with something of the exaltation of those who have received some great spiritual uplifting. Fr. Wickham (a tower of strength to us in every sense) and I gave them then every help we could, until between 2 & 3 a.m. we decided they should rest and sleep. We crossed the town to the Manse (my motor-coat weighing something like forty or five tons: (consumption had already, as I NOW know, got a definite hold of me though I wrangled on for 6 months lest in the circumstances of my case I might seem to be begging for quarter): I sat in a chair in Fr. Wickham's (a curate in Wexford at the time) sitting-room, (the spare bedroom was taken up by nuns attending the ill Adm.) (This was probably the Rev. James Codd, ADM in Wexford) until 5 a.m. when Fr. W. arose and we crossed the town again. At 6 a.m. one of the boys, Crane aged 18 - 19, had to be aroused from the sleep of an infant: Fr. W. was wonderful: he knelt upright for what seemed ages on bare flags reciting litanies rosaries etc. etc. I sat on the plank bed listening, my head between my hands, and marvelling at the tone in which the responses were uttered: joy, hopefulness, abounding love and thankfulness: something like the tone of the responses of a first-Communion class answering prayers recited for them after Mass by their Priest.
I went downstairs about 7 a.m. to rest awhile before the end: I sat in a large hall at a sort of desk, my head resting in my hands thereon. I was aroused by a noise of people tramping: it was soldiers passing, carrying three coffins.
I went up again then. It was a lovely morning. Earlier, one of the boys, Parle, had remarked to me in a pleased happy voice, 'do you hear the birds, Father?' We chatted, all together about 7.30 for a few minutes (they had received Holy Communion and all, of course, now.) Parle sat beside me and asked me to break the news to his parents: Creane made the same request: both were from Taghmon; the other was Wexford, and grand poor fellow whose only regret was the loss he be to his father in his work or business. Parle also asked me to advise Bob Lambert (the one time Sinn Fein T.D. and O/C of the famous Kyle Flying Column, he was an important leader of the Republicans in South Wexford.) and his boys to do nothing rash (in the way of reprisal etc.) to give them all his love, and say he died perfectly satisfied and happy.
We were awaiting the officer now, all five standing together when Parle asked me with a smile 'what time is it now, Father'. I said 'It it is twenty minutes to light now Jim', as calmly and cheerfully as I was able. 'Well, Father' he continued, 'I never felt as happy in all my life', quite truly I am certain, but quite as evidently for the purpose of, himself, helping me - just think of it -not to be sad.
The officer came; the boys made him a cheery good morning. We descended to the ground floor; two poor tired Soldiers, who had stood on guard, above, most of the night and with whom I had chatted awhile stood beside with rifles, tears in their eyes: the boys were taken into separate open cells to have their eyes bandaged: they seemed to offer their heads for the process in an eager sort of way. A little procession was formed: Fr. Wm. recited the prayers, I walked between the two Taghmon boys holding an arm of each: they answered just as they had answered the other prayers. We had a fairly long walk. Eventually we came to the side of a huge grave beside which were the 3 coffins; the wall behind was well sand-bagged 12: (or 15?) young soldiers with rifles were on one knee opposite the sandbags: We turned when near the wall & beside the grave, we turned the three blindfolded around to face the soldiers, the Wexford boy in the middle. No sound could be heard for eternity of a couple of minutes while the officer made some arrangement. I stood out at an angle to the left of the boys and in line with the soldiers: Fr. Wm. and doctor O'Connor Westgate stood similarly on their right: the boys faces wore an expression of listening to some sound in the distance: the officer made two motions with a handkerchief to the soldiers, these made two corresponding movements, and as he quickly, by a third movement, lowered the handkerchief, I was utterly stunned by the report of the rifles, and although I saw Fr. Wm. actually anointing the Wexford boy (who had dropped like a stone, having apparently got most of the bullets, being in the centre) I stood rooted to the spot where I stood for several seconds. I then realised the situation, the other two poor fellows were dying slowly: I went forward and anointed Parle while F. Wm. anointed Creane. A diminutive young officer then came forward and slowly drawing a revolver from his pocket or somewhere, calmly fired twice into the ear of Parle, then turned and looked at Creane, stepped slowly across, did exactly the same for him, and all was over. I drove home and took 'breakfast': I then went over to the office. As the soldiers and lorries had accompanied me to Caro at my request (as I did not (know) where the Jail was and feared being fired on) the then C.C. to whom I did not reveal the situation, had evidently...
I then drove to each of the two houses, Parle's and Creane's and did what I could in the hardest task of all.
I had dinner at four and went to bed.
I hope you are all well in all the houses: I am getting on grand T.G. and have very good hopes of progressing well with God's help through all the kind prayers of so many kind friends. I am done with this book and for a few days past its bright outer cover has kept hurling at me a reproachful 'and perhaps Larry has not read me'. You'll be able to say, sometime how you liked it.
Tell Mary I may yet live to work a pyatey cake as a matter of course.
Ever, dear Larry,
Yours very sincerely,
Patrick Walsh.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Parle, Crean & Hogan: Wexford's Finest Patriots

“And now you three – we’ll honour thee
and your memories shall not fade
Since t’was your lot – in the rebel plot
Your bodies to be laid”

On the evening of the 12th of March, 1923, three republican prisoners being held by Freestate forces in Wexford Gaol, were informed that they were to be executed at dawn.

The three men were, James Parle from Clovervalley, John Crean from Taghmon, and Patrick Hogan from Wexford Town. James Parle was Adjutant to Bob Lambert in the famous Kyle Flying column.

On the night of the twelfth, Fr. Patrick Walsh, the republican priest who had once been PP of Rathangan, was called to attend to the men. Parle asked Fr. Walsh to advise Bob Lambert and his boys to do nothing rash by way of reprisal.

The three then marched bravely to the scene of their execution, the courtyard of Wexford Gaol. All three were extremely calm, with Parle commenting to Fr. Walsh, “Well, Father, I never felt so happy in my life!”

The three men were placed blindfolded against the wall. Hogan was placed in the middle. He was the only one of the three to die instantly in the executioners volley. Parle cried out; “shoot us again!” and a young officer promptly shot both men twice in the ear with his revolver.

Following the executions, the rebels retaliated by capturing and executing three freestate soldiers near Adamstown.

A little over three months after the executions of Parle, Crean and Hogan, Frank Aiken, the Chief-of-staff of the IRA ordered all anti- treaty forces to dump their arms. The civil war was finally over, but the hatred and mistrust that was born during this terrible period, would live on for many decades to come.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The plot to close St Senans

It now seems certain that St Senans will have its license denied renewal next February, leading to the closure of the long standing hospital for the mentally ill. But where will the people who need this service go now?

As it stands, St Senans is the only full time psychiatric facility in Wexford. Last year it took in over eight hundred admissions. It has between sixty and ninety long term patients, depending on if you prefer to believe the Wexford People or Fianna Fails statistics. Without any doubt, the hospital is providing a vital service to this county.

And now the government wants to close it.

This morning, Fianna Fail TD Sean Connick, said that he would like to assure the people of Wexford that upon St senans closure, all long term patients would have already been rehoused in other facilities within this county.

Sean refused to be dragged into details such as WHERE exactly these patients would be sent. This government has a habit of sending unwanted people to halfway houses, where the only thing awaiting them is neglect.

Is that the fate that awaits the long term patients of St Senans?

The unit for those people with intellectual disabilities is to be moved to a new facility at St Johns. Construction has not even BEGAN on this building yet. Despite this, the government still claims this is where these particular patients will be sent next March.

Its expected that ALL admissions will now have to be dealt with from Waterford. As most admissions to St Senans are recorded at night due to the stigma still attached to mental illness, this will mean that many will not seek help.

Once again, the Government has turned its back on Wexfords vital services.

Only now they have also forsaken some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Trouble paying back a debt?

Consumers who borrow money in Ireland are protected in legislation by the Consumer Credit Act 1995.

This Act covers all types of credit and credit institutions must comply with this law. The Act also prescribes the ways in which credit may be advertised.

If you are having trouble paying off a loan that you have taken out previously the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) may be able to help.

It is unlawful to provide someone with moneylending services without a moneylender's licence!

If you believes you have dealt with an illegal moneylender or knows the identity of someone you believe to be an illegal moneylender, you should contact either the Financial Regulator or your local Garda station.
Only the Gardai can take legal action against illegal moneylenders, but the Financial Regulator can give the customer advice on whether the moneylender is trading illegally and how to proceed with your complaint.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Knock 'em all down: the Ciaran Cuffe story

Green party minister, Ciaran Cuffe, the same man refusing to reverse the decision to close the Rosslare to Waterford rail line, has said that unoccupied houses built during the boom in Ireland may have to be demolished.
Speaking at the Irish Planning Institutes national conference in Tullamore, Old Cuffey estimated that there were up to 350,000 houses which were unoccupied, and a potential risk to the environment and public safety.

350,000 houses.

350,000 potential homes.

On the thirteenth of August last year, the Irish Times published a piece stating that the waiting list for social housing had been pushed to a new high due to the large numbers of unemployed young people joining the list. The Irish Times claimed that at that time there were 56,000 people on the waiting list.

So lets do the math Ciaran.

350,000 potential homes that you want to destroy.

56,000 people with no homes.

If Ciaran Cuffe or any of his incompetent, lazy, delusional green comrades get re-elected in the next election, it'll be time for all of us to be looking for new some other country.
After all, you never know when Cuffey is going come through your sitting room wall in a bulldozer.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bridgetown sees largest protest yet

The April sunshine brought out a larger crowd than expected to a protest against Iarnoid Eireann's decision to close the Rosslare to Waterford rail line at Bridgetown yesterday evening, the thirteenth of April.
The tiny village best known for its vocational college was literally brought to a standstill as traffic slowed to a crawl in curiosity of, and solidarity with the protest.

Rathangan SF members were again present, joined by several SF members from other parts of the county, including Wexford town chairman, daithi Rossiter. Labour's Joe Ryan again distinguished himself as he led the protest in the absence of the campaign committee, who could not be present in body, but were certainly there in spirit.

They movement that they began on facebook is continuing to grow stronger by the day, and is now bearing down like a levithan on iarnoid Eireann. The campaign committee has announced plans for further pickets throughout south Wexford and Waterford.

With this kind of opposition to the closure of the Rosslare to Waterford line, both Iarnoid Eireann and the Government must realise that they cannot go ahead with their plan.

Its time for Iarnoid Eireann to back down.

If they do not, the protests will continue, growing bigger and more frequent as they do.

The next protest is planned to take place at Campile train station next Friday at 5pm. Rathangan SF would urge all people who do not want to see their county robbed of its dwindling assets to come to this protest and to join the save the Rosslare to Waterford rail line campaign.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Waiting for redundancy?

Where you lose your job due to circumstances such as the closure of the business or a reduction in the number of staff this is known as redundancy.

Statutory redundancy only applies to employees with two years' service. However, an employer might agree to pay a lump sum to employees with less than two years' service. This payment arises through agreement and not through a statutory entitlement. As so often in employment law, the legislation is concerned with ensuring minimum rights, while allowing the parties to agree more substantial rights.

The statutory redundancy payment is a lump-sum payment based on the pay of the employee. All eligible employees are entitled to:

• Two weeks' pay for every year of service over the age of 16 and
• One further week's pay

The amount of statutory redundancy is subject to a maximum earnings limit of €600 per week (€31,200 per year).

Pay refers to your current normal weekly pay including average regular overtime and benefits-in-kind, but before tax and PRSI deductions, that is your gross pay.
The statutory redundancy payment is tax-free.

All redundancies notified after 10 April 2005 take account of absences from work only over the last 3 years of service. Any absences outside of the three-year period ending on the date of termination of employment are disregarded.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Protest brings station to a standstill

Today, Rathangan SF members were honoured to stand side by side with the people of the "save the Rosslare to Waterford rail line" campaign, in a protest outside Wexford train station.

We were joined by Wexford town Sinn Feiner's, Cllr. Anthony Kelly and Ann Hogan, in a protest that has further weakened Ianroid Eireanns claim that nobody cares about this rail service. As Tanya Fenlon and her committee, and labour's, Cllr Joe Ryan, led the protest today, it was clear that this was not the case.

Wexford wants this rail service.

Wexford will keep this rail service.

Once more, the Irish government has underestimated the people of this country. If they do want someone to rob, then perhaps picking county Wexford is not the greatest idea.

In 1798, Wexford rose up to fight for the equality of man. In 1916, Wexford again rose up to try and toss off the chains of the British empire. Five years earlier, Dick Corish had led Wexford, during a terrible lock out, two years before the more famous Dublin one.

Does the Irish government really think that Wexford will take this lying down?

This Tuesday night, a second protest will be held at Bridgetown train station. This one will be bigger, and every one thereafter will be a little bigger again. The snowball is rolling in Wexford picking up numbers.

The question now is not if the government and IE will reverse its decision.

The question now is WHEN will they reverse their decision.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Save the Rosslare to Waterford Rail Line

Last Wednesday night, Rathangan Republicans were among those gathered at a meeting in Wellington-Bridge to try against odds to save the Rosslare to Waterford Rail Line.

Despite the large amount of wexford politicans present, this campaign was not theirs. This campaign was the peoples own.

A group of ordinary citizens, fed up with the governments nonsense, and unwilling to take anymore of it lying down, were responsible solely for this meeting and for this campaign. It was these people, not politicans, who had brought over 1800 people together on a facebook campaign of the same name. It was these people who had inspired us all to attend.

Unfortunantly, just hours before the meeting was due to commence, Iarnoid Eireann killed the rail line. They didnt have the decency to hear the protestors out first. They didnt even have the decency to inform their staff, who had to be contacted by members of the campaign.

This cowardly act didnt kill the rail line though. At the meeting, the protestors, politicans, campaign members and ordinary citizens alike, refused to accept IE's decision, and vowed to carry on the fight.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 10th of April, at 3:45, the save the Rosslare to waterford Rail Line campaign will hold a protest at Wexford Train station. The government will try to ignore them. Its up to all of us who believe in equality and democracy to to show them that ignoring this problem WONT make it go away. Its up to us to make them listen.

Rathangan Sinn Fein will be there tomorrow.

We urge you to be there too.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Commemorations

local Republicans honour dead at Easter Commemorations

Rathangan republicans gathered in force at the recent Easter Commemorations to honour and remember the fallen patriots of Ireland. Members of Rathangan SF were present at commemorations in Arklow, Ballymore, Wexford Town, Murrintown and Enniscorthy.
Unfortunately, posters advertising the events that had been put up by the local cumann were vandalised by those opposed to change in the area. This did not stop people from all over the parish gathering at the commemorations, nor has it stop the gathering momentum of the local cumann.

Rathangan remembers our patriots

Potholes Plague Parish

You don’t have to be a driver to notice the shocking amount of potholes that have become a feature of our parish since the freezing weather of last January, but it does help. Driving through some of our parish’s roads today is akin to riding a dodgy roller coaster.

Why do these potholes remain three months after their first appearance?

Well, the fact is, that our county council workers have neither the funds nor the support of the council to deal with the situation.

Isn’t it a pity it’s not an election year?
Prior to the last General Election, then New Ross Councillor, Sean Connick, came to Rathangan and Bannow and dispensed much needed roadworks like a merry Fianna Fail Santa Claus. We don’t see much of Deputy Connick these days. It’s doubtful that the potholes of Rathangan Parish weigh heavy on his mind. The real question is, will we have to wait for another election before Fianna Fail finally release money to the county council to fill these craters?

According to a recent AA poll of 3000 motorists, 85% of drivers have hit a pothole in the last month, with many reporting that they are dealing with broken road surfaces on a daily basis.

If you suffer vehicle damage due to a pothole, make sure the authorities are notified straight away if the defect is serious. Write to the local authority responsible for the stretch of road with details of location, pothole size and quotes for repairs. Also include photos of the offending crevice if possible.

Jobs for the Unemployed

One in four young people are now unemployed. Young men are worst affected with one in three men under the age of 25 being out of work. Dole payments for young people have been slashed and it is estimated that 60,000 people emigrated in the last year with many more expected to leave this year. The government is doing nothing to create jobs.

• Do you want a job?
• Do you want to stay in Ireland but feel you have no choice but to leave?
• Are you fed up living at home with your parents but can’t afford to move out?
• Do you want to put your skills and education to work?
Are you sick of a government that cares more about bankers than it does about youth unemployment?

It’s time for you to join Sinn Féin’s campaign for “Jobs for the Unemployed”!
We are putting forward the solutions to youth unemployment. These include •
• A youth jobs fund to create 20,000 new jobs.
• An individual plan for the long term prospects of every person under 25 who is on the live register.
• 2,000 places on a ‘One More Language Scheme’ to give the young unemployed a chance to learn an extra foreign language .
• 5000 free ECDL advanced places
• 10,000 new CE places
• 1,000 places on conversion courses at third level to help graduates convert their skills to potential growth sectors
• The elimination of useless, pointless and inadequate FAS courses.
• 8 measures to treble the number of under 25’s who are self employed including a national entrepreneurship programme, access to credit and greater support for high potential start ups.
• Create a publicly owned green tech firm for Ireland and initiate a major drive to attract FDI in renewable energy.
• Make Ireland a digital media leader through support for skills, infrastructure and entrepreneurship
• A ‘National Development Scheme’ to employ people directly on public works projects employing 2,000 workers.



Welcome to Republican Rathangan, the online news of Rathangan parish Sinn Fein. Rathagan SF represents the parish of Rathangan in south wexford, aswell as surrounding areas.

We were formed at Easter 2010, in response to the crippling effects of recession on our family, friends and neighbours throughout south wexford. Rathangan parish has always been a republican area, but today opur enemy is not a foreign power, but rather our own so called governemnt, and their cronies in the civil service, the banks and big corporations.

Rathangan Sf aims to serve the people of south wexford, and to take on the forces who left us open to this recession, and who are now happy to sit back and watch us drown in economic misery.

Enough is enough. We have laid down for long enough. Its time to rise. Its time to fight back. Join us today and let your fury out against those responsible for our nations shame. If you feel you dont have the time, then support your local cumann. Help us put out newsletters, contact us with your issues, support our fundraising ventures. We are not politicans. There are other things we could be doing with our time. We have chosen to give our time and our effort in the pursuit of equality and justice for all. We have chosen to fight back.

Join us.